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Industrial system

Something about Work and Growth-Chapter I

1. Taking notes is one good habit for work. The one who first shares the notes is impressive during meeting.
2. Try to complete things what should be done today. And happniess feeling can be aroused if don’t put thing off till tomorrow.
3. Don’t delay dealing with the problems related persons. Don’t trust that luck can avoid some conflicts or other persons can understant the problems. The later you start to handle the matter,the worse the problems will get. Harsh words must be directly told the other one face to face as early as possible.
4. Develop a habit of rehearsal for personal actions. Making a draft and a plan,preparing carefully,then you will find many approaches to make your goals come true,furthermore,the whole process to achieve the goal is smooth and flexible.
5. Form a habit of double check for team work. Focus on what we have learned instead of finding out who’s wrong and affixing the fault to him.
6. If work needs more time to deal with people,then try to focus all meetings on several days of one week,so the total time will be saved,and remaining time can be used for written assignments and internal affairs.
7. For a manager,an important thing is to set aside some time each day for non-transactional conversations with team members. Develop a habit of respecting others and caring for people.
8. Think about the key data and questions.
9. Don’t look through the mobile phone when the conversation is going.
10. Dare end meaningless conversations at the meeting. Be good at getting straight to the point. Commit to the agreement on the plans and actions.
11. Record appointments with others precisely and don’t be late.
12. A rough work plan is more accessible to the practical situation than a detailed plan,and it is easier to implement as well.
13. Be well prepared before attending others’ activities. Prepare full personal pubic information and provide it to the organizer in time. Submit the speech as early as possible.
14. Select several time intervals to handle social media,email,etc.,like morning,nooning and evening each day,and it saves time.
15. Learn to ask and listen to a good question: what’s your opinion?
16. Buy a set of good work equipment.
17. Find a good partner and work with smart people.

Quality Management – an efficient approach to improve product quality

In modern society,there’re so many alternations between new things and old ones, and the collision of traditional wisdom and fast-growing technology as well. However no matter how far the society will develop,quality is an essential factor should not be ignored.

A lot of responsible people feel annoyed,happy,worried,prospective,upset……,when facing quality. Why? Here are some feelings from following quality managers.
Mr. A said: The top managers of our company come from all over the world. They seem to care more about the cost,and the quality rarely raises their interests.
Ms. B said: In previous meetings,I often argued with others for quality problems. Then I felt bored,when talking about quality,I saw the top ceiling and ignored it. Now I feel that is very inappropriate,so I take a positive attitude: I will smile to the one who complains quality.
Mr. C said: Usually other departments think quality department is redundant,and we often make troubles for them. But once the problems appear,they think we should take some effective measures. It seems our existence is only for solving the problem,and our performance is also measured by the number and extend of solving the problem.

They are all quality managers in famous companies. As a sales person,I deeply understand that their distress and helpless from their so real and lively words. Usually we need to double check the quality of the products before they will be shipped out. Only the quality is double checked and confirmed that there’s no problem,so we dare to deliver the goods to our customers. After all a small flaw on the product will create the bad impression on the customers. Sometimes we saw some drawbacks and asked workshop staff to improve or rework them,and this indeed will influence a lot in their performance and assessment. Then we can see the conflict arised gradually.

In many companies, managers pay much attention on issues like purchase,design,cost,manufacturing etc. and quality is often neglected. Then what’s the true benefits that quality department can bring to the company? How to improve product quality,production efficiency? How to become the maker,maintainer,promoter and supervisor of the management standards? Maybe following content can achieve these goals.

1. Let managers understant quality issue and engage in quality management.
Try to communicate quality issue with managers in a clear language which can be easily unstood instead of using technical terms that often make them confused. If managers fail to understand important quality content,they will not actively participate in quality management. And once complaints arise,they will doubt the quality issue as well. Therefore quality staff should be aware that money is the key point which can really arouse manager’s attention, and quality is an obviously invisible and potential asset,after all quality is the authentic demand of customers. So managers can realize they should be responsible for quality issues rather than leaving the problems to quality staff.

2. Be aware what quality management is.
Quality means meeting customs’ needs. Managing quality is for the purpose of meeting customers’ needs better than competitors for the first time. While quality management’s purpose is to create a culture environment about quality according to the plan and goal,so quality will be becoming a kind of habit for company’s employees gradually. The basic principle for quality management is as below,
– All the work is a process.
– Quality is meeting requirements rather than good.
– The approach to achieve quality is precaution instead of inspection.
– The standard of work is without flaws,it’s not Ok to be just about right.
– Quality is measured by money.
Therefore we can say quality is actually the result of company’s policy and culture,not just controlled and managed by inspection department.

Quality Management System

3. Change the way we think and develop it towards the goals of quality management.
Quality is not a technical issue,it’s an issue of management. What we need to do is to help managers proceed the quality management successfully. Blindly polishing the products and keeping the user manual perfect are not the purpose for the quality management.

4. Be confident
We should positively think about customers’ needs and reflect on our weakness. If we eager to seek certification, passively and cautiously expect others to remark our work, this unconfident performance will push the inspection staff into a tough situation. Quality staff should test,diagnose and make a plan for the entire organization like a doctor. After all,managing products is creating a trustable organization.

Why can Germany build so many world-famous brands?

What is your impression when talking about Germany?

German people are well-organized,they do everything as scheduled plan,they make every effort to achieve good results in their work,and what else?

Germany Manufacturing is obviously well-known all over the world.

When speaking of Germany Manufacturing,you must know the brands like Mercedes Benz,BMW,Siemens,Adidas,etc. These brands have become the symbol of excellent products with high reputation around the world. German started industry very late. This was an agricultural country while England and France completed their industrial revolutions.

So,what are the key factors contributing to world-famous “Made in Germany”?

1. Put more emphasis on products’ quality,cherish good reputation.
Germans like things with historical stories and cultural memories. The ball-point pen produced by German,although it has fallen to the ground more than 10 times,it still can work. The residential buildings will not fall for more than 100 years,even if they were destroyed by the war,Germans would rebuild and recover them quickly. German economy doesn’t reply on the real estate market,and it is hard for German architects to get a building project. If someone fortunately wins the bid,there’s no doubt he will make every effort to design the building to be a fantastic artwork. Therefore each building is unique in Germany,people won’t see two same buildings.

2. The primary purpose of enterprise production is to make sure high-tech products possess practical applications for users,meanwhile the production processes are harmony and safety.
Why do Germany have so many world famous brands? Siemens’ president replied: Owning to our attitude and enthusiasm toward work,German employees focus on details of every production technology. They are greatly convinced it is their duty to commit themselves to producing first-class products,and providing good after-sales services as well. The soul of enterprise production is to design and produce high technical products with practical applications in safety production processes. Germany enterprises don’t pursue the maximum profits. They consider that following enterprise ethic and improving product quality are their duty and obligation.
In Germany,there’s no company which can be rich overnight and become global focus quickly. Many companies are world-famous,they have a history of more than 100 years,pay more attention on product quality and value. Most of them started from small companies focusing on a certain product and a specific field.
There’s a wine workshop with a history of almost 400 years,it was accidentally left in World War II. Adidas was founded in 1920,it also has a history of nearly 100 years.
In Germany,similar products competition and price war will not occur due to the industry protection,in addition,price is not everything. Price war will bring a worse influence to the entire industry. Without doubt Germany enterprises also pursue profits,however their goal is to earn basic profit,they would rather convert part of their profits into higher quality products and better service. They need to consider longer-term issues and future rewards.

Explore the essence and schedule future strategies
Only Berlin,Hamburg,and Frankfurt are international cities in Germany. Others are small and medium-sized cities. Majority people live in cities with population less than 200,000. People can find a common feature in different cities,the highest point of the city must be the steeple of the church,no other building can exceed it.
Generally high buildings only exist in Berlin,Hamburg and Frankfurt. What’s more one condition must be well-considered for a high building: It can’t overwhelm any another building if it will fall down in any direction. Therefore more open space must be left around higher buildings.

The price is expensive for a product with excellent quality
Germans admit, the advantage of manufacturing is not the price,their goods are indeed expensive; while the manufacturing strength lies in the good quality,the exclusive technique solving problems,the excellent after-sales service. Many products developed by German companies are often those units with the leading position in the world,the technique is hard for other countries to manufacture the same product in short period. More than 30% exports are exclusive products without competitors in the international market. A lot of industrial products,from large equipment like digging machine to the stapler,they all have world-leading quality.
Why can many Germany products use for 100 years? An entrepreneur explained it with some reasons. First,the resource is limited,nearly all important industrial raw materials are imported from abroad,as a result all must be sufficiently used,try to extent the working life,this is the greatest savings for raw materials. Another reason,Germans are greatly convinced that product quality will be mainly reflected in whether they are durable when using. Mostly importantly,Germany companies can keep continuous training for employees,it will increase the skills of employees,and reduce the management difficulty for companies as well,as a result product quality will be greatly improved.

Do you learn something from Germany Manufacturing?

How to Improve Auto-Batching System’s Accuracy

Nowadays automatic batching system has been widely used in metallurgy,building materials,chemical industry and so on accompany with technologies updated greatly,and the performance of auto control system definitely determines the accuracy of batching system. But the accuracy is actually hard to be guaranteed in practical batching process. It’s well known that batching accuracy is a key factor affecting product quality,and batching system’s efficiency also plays a crucial role during production process. Therefore in recent years many companies focus more on improving efficiency of batching system as well as batching accuracy.

powder batching system-1.jpg

Composition of auto batching system
Auto batching system consists of three parts:mechanical system,detection system and electrical control. The role of mechanical system is to store ingredients,complete transportation processes,etc.,it is mainly composed of feeder,conveyor belt,hopper,switch of material door…; Detection part includes scale body,load cells,etc.,it’s task is to weigh varieties of ingredients during batching process. For electrical control system including motor,frequency converter,weighing indicator and computer,etc.,it can control the conveying,feeding and discharging processes of materials.

How does auto batching system work?
Set each material’s value upon batching proportion first. Weighing controller or computer controls feeding process of various ingredients in sequence,detects feeding amount of ingredients,and controls feeding motor’s speed according to ingredients’ amount set by system as well,then closes the feeding valve when ingredients’ amount reaches the set point. Finally batching process is completed when all ingredients’ amounts reach the set values.

According to the structure and application features of auto batching system,some controlling methods can be referenced to improve batching accuracy in different production processes.

Working modes of batching system
1. Manual mode
Operator uses manual button to implement batching process,and computer is only for display purpose as a terminal. This way is inefficient,generally applied in system debugging and some special situations.
2. Semi-automatic mode
Computer implements batching process and achieves the right ratio of ingredients according to operator’s instructions.
3. Automatic mode
Batching system automatically completes batching tasks based on selected batching procedure,no further human intervention required during whole process. In batching process,the accuracy will be affected by many factors,including feeding speed,uniformity,hopper vibration,the remainder in dropping stroke and overshoot,etc. Hopper vibration causes that weight signal obtained by load cells can’t accurately reflect practical weight of the ingredients in the hopper. Ingredients flow into hopper from feeder or valve,a portion of the ingredient during flowing process has not yet reached the ingredients surface in the hopper,then the remainder occurs. However the overshoot is due to the delay from the time a stop signal sent by electronic device till the time the valve is actually closed or the feeder stops. The random variation of overshoot caused by the differences in specific ingredient density,flow rate,dropping distance brings great difficulties to the control of batching accuracy.

How to improve the batching accuracy in auto-batching system? Here are three control modes.
1. Computer control
Automatically weigh various ingredients based on the preset dosing plan,controlling all sections of batching to complete the whole process. The key of accurate batching in auto batching system is to control the speed,start and stop of feeding motor. During batching process,motor speed should be adjusted according to feeding amount,therefore high-speed mode supported by low-speed mode can be applied to promote both batching efficient and dosing accuracy. If ingredient amount in the hopper is far from the set value,high-speed feeding mode is adopted to achieve high efficient of batching. And low-speed feeding mode should be started when ingredient amount in the hopper is close to the set value. The motor stops rotating when the spill value is reached due to the remainder in the air. Actually batching system will set the spill value for motor stopping according to the operating conditions,because each material density is different,so the weight of each air remainder is also different after motor stops rotating. The end of feeding time is determined by drop compensation coefficient of each ingredient. Reading the final weight and comparing it with the set value after the weighing hopper is stable,that can be the basis for the next selection of drop compensation coefficient. That means the current batching will use the average value of last batching drop value and drop compensation value to compensate for drop process,this way can increase batching accuracy accompany with the increase of batching number.
2. PLC control
Combining computer with traditional relay control system can enable industrial control process more flexible and reliable. In batching system PLC is in charge of receiving external signals to judge the operating status of current system,and output a variety of signals which can control switch,relay,electromagnetic valve and other components to perform corresponding actions. In actual batching process,motor starts to run;feeding system adopts high-speed mode first;when the ingredients weight approaches the target value,dot motion control mode should be adopted to ensure accuracy. Moreover PLC is also responsible for receiving the control commands from computer to complete batching control.
3. Weighing controller

ID511 weighing controller-battery formulation system
Weighing controllers are typically designed for packaging,sorting,auto batching and other applications. They can collect weight signals,deal with them and output corresponding control signals. It is one of the most common control modes in batching system as weighing controller is easy to install and debug. Batching weighing controller can detect and control ingredients with high reliability,improve batching accuracy greatly,achieve weight proportion of ingredients directly. Generally batching controller has two feeding speed:high-speed and low speed. High-speed feeding is adopted at the begging of batching,the spill value of high-speed feeding will determine the feeding amount for low-speed process. After the set value is reached,high-speed changes to low-speed,and spill value of low-speed is to compensate for the impact of ingredients remaining in the air,so actual weight can approach to the set value as close as possible. Therefore setting weighing controller properly according to pratical production process,as well as setting proper spill value of fast feeding and slow feeding,then batching accuracy can be controlled and insured.
Batching weighing controller is suitable for processes with a uniform feeding speed. That is to say,batching accuracy will be affected if feeding speed fluctuates greatly which will cause a large dosing deviation.

At present predictive control algorithm is introduced into batching system,which contributes to some uncertainty factors of batching process can be well controlled,batching error is reduced,and weighing speed is expedited as well,this mode is suitable for batching systems requiring high accuracy.

Some Useful Tips on How To Diagnose the Fault of Weighing Terminal?

Electronic weighing system is generally consisted of weighing platform,load cell,junction box,weighing terminal and so on. Weighing terminal is one of the important parts in weighing system. Firstly load cells output the weighing signals and signals are aggregated by junction box; then weighing terminal will amplify weak signals; after filtering step,A/D conversion and digital process the readable weighing data will be displayed on the screen. In addition,if systems need to connect signals to PLC、Touch Screen、Computer、Printer,etc.,weighing terminal also can output different signals via interface circuit to transfer weight data and control signal to the devices of other systems. Normally weighing terminal need to add more functions like setting/calibration/zero setting/tare/zero tracking…, so it will have good versatility and convenience.

weighing terminal-fault

In practical use varieties of fault symptoms may occur in weighing terminals,and these faults may be caused by many reasons. In order to diagnose the faults of weighing terminal,we must be familiar with the working principle of weighing terminal and the functions of each module,the diagnosis ways as well. Check the fault-related devices and determine the specific faulty location. Here are several common ways to use during troubleshooting procedure.
1. Observation
We can examine the terminal directly through our watch,hearing,touching and sniffing.
* Watch the junction box,and check whether the wiring between terminal and load cells is working or not? Whether the power circuit or control circuit is connected properly or not? Moreover observe whether inner circuit of terminal has been burnt or not,is there any water,is insurance component disconnected,etc.?
* Hear terminal’s inside to check if there is an abnormal noise;
* Touch the transformer,filter condenser and so on to check if the temperature of components is unusual?
* Smell to check if there is burnt odor inside of terminal?
2. Pull out and Insert
Pull out a component and insert analog component to check where the fault is and find out the cause of fault.
Example: If weighing terminal’s display is unstable,we can pull out the cable connecting junction box with terminal,replace the cable with analog device,if terminal’s display returns to stable,therefore we can come to the conclusion that the problem lies in the junction box or load cells,otherwise check the fault from weighing terminal.
3. Alternative
Using good components or circuit boards and so on instead of the doubtful faulty parts,check whether it can work well or not,then make further efforts to figure out the fault and the cause.
4. Comparison
Test the data of voltage,resistance,waveform etc. to the uncertain parts by using multimeter,oscilloscope and other devices,compare the data with stated value,then check and determine whether the component is faulty or not.
5. Measure weighing terminal in a particular state
Measure the levels of each point by using multimeter when weighing terminal is in a particular state,then analyze the reason of fault according to logic principle.
6. Code diagnosis
Weighing terminal shows the error code through self-diagnosis,check the error code to determine where is the problem.

In conclusion,don’t panic in case of some problems occur. Keep calm and diagnose the faults as well as the cause of the failure from the whole working principle of the weighing terminal and weighing system,check the parts that may cause the problems one by one,narrow the scope down step by step,and finally the fault can be eliminated accurately.

What Should We Pay Attention To When Designing Weighing Equipment?

Weighing equipment has been involved in varieties of industrial fields now. It is used widely due to the multi-function and high accuracy. However in order to meet the demands of practical application,we should consider several critical factors to ensure a suitable and reliable design and avoid problems.


* Application of Weighing Equipment
Weighing purpose is the first factor we should consider during design process. Is the weighing equipment used to weigh solid or liquid? Is it applied in place based on laboratory scale or a larger scale? Is the object supposed to be weighed uniform-sized like capsules,tablets or small parts? Can it be used for automatic weighing system in a whole production line? How to control and adapt to changing circumstances of a weighing vessel,such as heating,cooling or mixing?

* Weighing Capacity
What is the expected weighing capacity,the size range of the object to be weighed? Does it need overload protection? Does it measure objects through weight or compression tension? Try more ways,to test with more weights,reduce the stress or the damage of sensitive internal electronic components within the specific capacity,and make sure higher precision.

* Weighing Accuracy
Accuracy is an essential factor or weighing purpose,including resolution,repeatability,linearity and uncertainty of measurement. What is your expected accuracy? How to choose high-quality electronic components? How will these components affect weighing accuracy during assembly and operation processes? Consider what kind of design can provide and ensure the accuracy you need.

* Material
Basic materials for weighing equipment cover aluminum alloy,carbon steel,aluminum-coated steel and galvanized steel. Using stainless steel is more qualified for higher level requirement of cleanliness and environment protection.

To ensure your final weighing system perform well and accurately,there are still many detailed factors should be paid attention to.

How to prevent explosions of weighing devices?

Weighing technology has been widely used in varieties of industries. Weighing transducers,weighing terminals,weighing controllers and other weighing devices are applied in explosive environments more and more. And how to prevent explosions of weighing devices? We should know some basic explosion-proof knowledge.

Usually an explosion will happen when sufficient oxygen,explosive substances,and ignition source exist at the same time. In this case,controlling one of the elements at least to avoid three elements meeting together is the purpose of explosion-proof.

Most weighing systems are comprised of load cells,weighing controller,junction boxes and cables. These components can be put in a safety place or a dangerous position,it’s up to weighing application. To reduce the risk of fire or explosion,each component located in a hazardous area should be protected. Here are some approaches to avoid an explosion in hazardous environments:
* Using intrinsically safe systems.
Any spark or thermal effect produced under conditions specified in the standard can not ignite stipulated circuit in the environments with explosive gas.
It is a safety design to restrain the energy of ignition source to avoid explosion. Sparks and thermal effects caused by weighing devices under regular operations and faulted circuit should be less than the minimum ignition energy and auto-ignition temperature of explosive gas.
In fact intrinsically safety design is a low power design technology. Therefore it is well adapted to industrial process weighing controllers or other devices.
* Using explosion-proof enclosure
Electrical components are placed in a very sturdy metal enclosure,ignition source is isolated from explosive substances. Even if an internal explosion happens,but the enclosure will not be damaged and the explosion will not spread to outside of the enclosure.
* Sand filling
This method involves the potential ignition source of surrounding fine sand. It can prevent internal explosion from external ignition.Non-flammable devices should be used,so they can’t release heat or electric energy which is sufficient to ignite flammable vapor or gas under normal conditions.
* Purification and pressure devices
This protection method requires a sealed enclosure filled with inert gas to prevent the entry of flammable gas,vapor or dust.

When weighing devices are used in hazardous environment,adequate safeguard procedure should be secured to prevent an explosion. Usually an explosion need sufficient amount of flammable gas,steam,air and fire,etc.,we must make sure these elements won’t appear while weighing.